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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This Site is from the USA and may have some old insignia's that may be offensive, Illegal, or unlawful in your country. I am sorry and please STOP HERE!!!! This site is in no way connected to World of Tanks or Wargame.net.

We are Here just to have fun and make better skins. 

02-07-11 We have noticed that the file size's are becoming very large and will be compressing them down before further .dds files will be uploaded. The older files will under go a compression process to.

News Of WOT Full Open Beta has got me working on new skins for the Lower Tier Tanks.

These tanks are from early in the war. Pre color photo's. 1938-1941.

All the skins on this site are free. I also do custom work. Some have other Ensignia's on them.

All files are scaned and clean when loaded there are Screen shots and ref, info also.

Sometime's I just go for it and they come out crazy lol like the lime green MS1. Well to me It's all about having fun and I like to put a little color to all my tanks.

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Here is a little info about the skins and me.

I have always enjoied model building as a child. Half the fun was painting them to look real.

I like to make skins for my own personal use and will if asked make you one.

I will be updating the site and adding all crash files to the Zip files here.